Jeanine Newman, Owner

I have been a client at Health2o since it first opened and have enjoyed myriad resulting health benefits of colon hydrotherapy. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004 and turned to natural health modalities rather than medication to address the disease. More than 16 years later, I am grateful to live without any of the debilitating symptoms I experienced when I was first diagnosed. Without question, the most significant positive shift in my health journey was due to detoxification via colon hydrotherapy. 

In 2018 Alice and I began discussing the possibility of my becoming a colon hydrotherapist allowing me the opportunity to help others and help Alice in the studio that I love so much. I completed certification with the International Association of Colon Therapists and have thoroughly enjoyed facilitating transformation in the health of clients at Health2o. It has been a privilege to learn from Alice and help others in the same natural health modality that was so life changing for me.

In 2020, Alice passed the ownership of Health2o on to me, entrusting me with her beloved studio and clientele. My deep desire is to continue to serve our clients with the same level of care that has made Health2o the most trusted and sought out colon hydrotherapy studio in the Bay Area.

Outside of Health2o… I am a certified yoga instructor, mostly teaching family and friends and residents at a local senior center. I have four grown children that I really try not to brag about. I love to write and sew and play my piano when no one is listening. I am a health nut within reason and a daily yogi with a consistently unmanageable stack of books on my night stand.


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