What do Health Professionals Think?

"... A lot of disease comes from imbalances in the colon... Such imbalances can be corrected by means of colon hydrotherapy, herbal supplements, and diet" says Dr. Paul Flashner. "There is no question about the huge difference a health professional can bring to the patient by utilizing colon hydrotherapy plus other complementary and alternative methods of healing." - Paul Flashner, MD, (CAM), of Wellesley, Massachusetts

"From my files, I can offer several hundred case studies where I have found over the years that cancer patients who are not doing well usually are toxic and not being cleansed. They certainly are in need of colon hydrotherapy," - Douglas Brodie, MD, of Reno, Nevada, oncologist and homeopath

"... Seriously ill patients tend to be chronically constipated which results in generalized toxemia. It turns out that colon hydrotherapy is the gentlest and most effective treatment for a constipation problem. My recommendation for cancer patients is that they should undergo frequent colon hydrotherapy procedures to make sure the colon's toxic burden is being kept at a minimum while their bodies are trying to heal." - Dr. Leonard Smith, Board Certified Gastrointestinal Surgeon

"Without reservation, my wish is to see [colon hydrotherapy] become an established procedure for many kinds of gastrointestinal problems. If medical centers, hospitals, and clinics installed colon hydrotherapy departments, they would find such departments just as efficacious for patients as their present treatment areas which are devoted to physiotherapy," states Leonard Smith, MD "Such is my belief, and I do endorse this therapeutic program." - Dr. Leonard Smith, Board Certified Gastrointestinal Surgeon

"Colon hydrotherapy eliminates from the bowel the accumulated waste material which may get absorbed. If this absorption takes place, it overwhelms the other purification organs such as the liver, the kidneys, the skin, and the lungs. The toxin deposition which becomes lodged throughout the body's tissues and cells becomes capable of triggering a variety of illnesses" - Dr. Arthur E. Brawer, Rheumatologist

"Silicone breast implant exposure which results in disease symptoms responds very well to colon hydrotherapy... I use colon hydrotherapy for the treatment of such silicone toxicity, since it does work to chelate silicone out of the body," states Dr. Brawer. "Of all the treatments for symptoms coming from silicone breast implants, I find colon hydrotherapy to be one of the mainstays that offer relief." - Dr. Arthur E. Brawer, Rheumatologist. Dr. Brawer has spoken before the United States Congress on this issue along with advising the Department of Health and Human Services, the FDA, and consultants to the President, the Vice-president, the Director of Women's Health at the White House, and the United Nations.

"I use the services of at least three skilled colon hydrotherapists who practice near to my two offices. I don't know of any patient receiving colon hydrotherapy who has not benefited from it." - Pamela Whitney, ND. Educational director for the New England Health Institute

"...over 50% of Americans possess diverticulosis colae. When inflamed ... diverticulitis colae can be serious by creating fistulas. Some people then will evacuate through their bladders" says Dr. Charm. "With patients for whom I perform colonoscopy, about one third of them over the age of fifty who are otherwise cleaned above, still show residual stools sitting in these gut mucosa pockets. Some have held onto the stool pockets for decades. A toxic dumpsite like this is dangerous for them by the elevated concentration of poisons stored in the dumpsite. Cancer can develop. A good cleanout by use of colon hydrotherapy is excellent treatment. I recommend that people undertake colon hydrotherapy for themselves..." - Dr. Robert Charm, Gastroenterologist

"Colon hydrotherapy is an excellent detoxifier for the overindulgence of alcohol and drug addictions of all kinds. Residues of drugs and other agents in the tissues are eliminated with colon hydrotherapy... Colon hydrotherapy should be part of nearly any addict"s therapeutic regimen." - James P. Carter, MD, DrPH, MS, of Mandeville, Louisiana. Dr. Carter is Professor and Head of the Nutrition Section at Tulane University School of Medicine.

"The basic concepts of the science have not changed much in the last 25 years; however, the colon hydrotherapy equipment has improved immensely. How the equipment works so effectively is nothing short of astounding. Registered with the FDA, current colon hydrotherapy equipment is safe... The benefits of colon hydrotherapy extend all the way from psychiatric improvement to constipation elimination..." - Dr. Michael Gerber, MD, of Reno, Nevada