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We are the Bay Area's premier studio for Colon Hydrotherapy. Located in downtown Danville, our studio is 20 minutes away from all Contra Costa County locations, including Martinez, Moraga, Orinda, Lafayette, Piedmont, Pleasant Hill, San Ramon, Walnut Creek and even Oakland and San Francisco. Health(2O) offers closed system colon hydrotherapy, Ion Spa detoxing foot baths, and a full range of Usana Health Sciences products. Our goal at Health(2O) is to help our clients achieve good health in a relaxing and pampering environment, and to provide our services with the highest level of professionalism and caring.

Health(2O) therapists have been extensively trained by both U.S. and Canadian institutions and are all Certified Colon Hydrotherapists. The beautifully-decorated, modern Health(2O) studio is equipped with three private colon hydrotherapy treatment rooms, each with its own bathroom (including a bidet) for the comfort and complete privacy of our clients. Unlike older studios, Health(2O) uses the new Aquanet EC2000, which is FDA approved and arguably the most professional dual system hydrotherapy instrument on the market today. The Ion Spa foot baths are performed in a unique and relaxing steting. Finally, our studio is fully ADA compliant, with each of the tables in our treatment rooms equipped with a hydraulic lift to improve accessibility for our elderly or more physically-challenged clients.

We invite you to call us to drop by to meet our therapists, view the facilities and share ideas on how you can start down the path to improved health.

We are Health(<sub>2</sub>O)

Our Studio

Our Studio

Our Studio

Our Studio

Our Studio

Our Prices

Service Price
Consultations Free
Colon Hydrotherapy $ 95 per colonic;
$ 450 for a package of 5
Ion Spa $ 55 per ½ hour session;
$ 225 for a package of 5

The Aquanet EC2000's Features


The Aquanet EC2000 is the only professional colon hydrotherapy instrument available that is capable of performing pressure and gravity treatments during the same treatment using the same unit.

Dual Operation Mode - Gravity and pressure treatments in one unit. Can be switched at any time during treatment to accommodate client's level of tolerance and sensitivity.

Uses Applied Pressure Sensing Technology (APST). APST is a newly-invented treatment system for Colon hydrotherapy. It senses the applied pressure as it builds in the c olon and automatically reduces the flow of water as pressure in the colon increases. This provides for gentler and longer colon fill cycles. With the use of APST the most comfortable and effective treatments are now possible. The Aquanet EC2000 does not depend on the operator's alertness because it automatically delivers safe water pressure to the colon.

Fully-integrated Disinfecting System. Features the most advanced double-safety components that will place the operator and patient at ease.

Automatic Temperature Control. Thermostatic precision valve lets you set desired temperature.

Precision Flow-Control with Flow-Meter. Increased Therapist control and abdominal massage indicator during treatment.

Comes Standard with 3 Stage Treatment-Water Purification System. Double filtration (Sediment & Carbon) plus Ultra Violet Sterilization. Filtration expandable depending on local water conditions. Filter change indicator included. Built-in UV operating monitor.

Full Spectrum View Tube Lighting. Provides high penetration viewing and long bulb life.

Wide Angle Viewing of Waste-Pathway. Allows easy viewing of expelled material.

The Ion Spa Pro Machine

"We are advancing the theory that the most effective and economical source for an antioxidant is ordinary tap water after it has been filtered and treated with electrolysis. This electrolized water, called Microwater, is one of the most exciting developments of preventative medicine in Japan in recent years." - Hidemitsu Hayashi, M.D. Director, Water Institute, Japan.

A study by the British Medical Journal estimated that perhaps 75% of most cancers are caused by lifestyle and environmental factors, including exposure to chemicals we are subjected to on a daily basis. The Columbia University School of Public Health reported that an estimated 95% of all cancer is caused by diet and environmental toxicity. Estimates show that most Americans have between 400-800 chemical toxins stored in the fat cells of their bodies. Metal and chemical toxins weaken the immune system, increase our vulnerability to viral infection and other illness.

Due to the increasing strain put on our systems through poor diet and the environment, it is becoming more and more important to maintain a detoxification regime to help rid the body of these chemicals and help the body maintain its ability to perform and fight disease. The Ion SpaPro Machine is designed to relieve the strain put on our system by the abundance of chemicals stored in our cells by detoxifying our bodies through the largest of all organs, the skin.

Example of an Ion Spa Session

The Ion SpaPro Machine

Detox Tub

Detox 5 minutes

Detox 5 minutes

Detox 15 minutes

Detox 15 minutes

Detox 25 minutes

Detox 25 minutes